Pet Euthanasia

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Embracing peaceful farewells with compassionate pet euthanasia at Beach Blvd Pet Hospital in Huntington Beach, CA.

Pet Euthanasia in Huntington Beach, CA

When you have made that hard decision to “let your pet go,” we are here for you. We offer at-home euthanasia so the final goodbye can be done in the comfort of your home with familiar surroundings and your family. Euthanasia is also available at the hospital. You will never be rushed, and each staff member understands the pain you are going through. The veterinarians will always take the time to make sure you are comfortable with your decision and give you the space to say “Good-Bye.” We offer private cremation, where your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in the urn of your choice. We also have special hand-blown memorial glass globes with your pet’s ashes inside. As a remembrance of your pet, we can always make a clay paw print for you at no charge. This can be a very special memento for you and even something very special for your family or children to hold on to at a tough time. We also have a pet compassion care line available for grief support. These counselors understand how impactful the loss of a beloved pet can be and offer complimentary support.

24/7 Grief  Support Counselor  1-855-245-8214

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These beautiful urns are produced by hand from the bark of the Mulberry tree using an ancient technique that allows the bark to be harvested without destroying the tree. The process results in a soft, warm, biodegradable paper used to craft the urns.

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Aromatic Cedar Chest

This classic chest style urn is made 100% from colorful aromatic cedar. The nature of this wood means that each urn is a little bit different and of course all have that distinctive cedar smell. The exterior mounted hardware is a brass color. The chest has a hasp closure with a miniature padlock and two keys.

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Deluxe Companion Urns

Our Deluxe Companion Chest Urn is made with a rich wood veneer exterior of Maple and Walnut and is coated in a clear satin finish. The design of the urn provides for solid sides and top due to a unique sliding access panel on the bottom of the urn. The access panel has rubber, non-skid feet to protect any surface.

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Benefits of Our Euthanasia Service

  • Comfort and Familiarity: Our at-home euthanasia option allows your pet to find peace in the familiar surroundings of their home, surrounded by family and love.
  • Emotional Support: Our staff understands the profound pain you’re going through. We provide a calm, unhurried environment where you can say your goodbyes at your own pace.
  • Private Cremation: Choose private cremation, and your pet’s ashes will be returned to you in the urn of your choice, ensuring a personal and meaningful keepsake.
  • Clay Paw Print: As a poignant memento, we can create a clay paw print for you at no charge, offering solace and something to hold onto during a difficult time.
  • Pet Compassion Careline: Grief support is vital in times of loss. Our pet compassion careline provides understanding counselors who offer complimentary support, recognizing the profound impact of losing a beloved pet.

It’s never easy to say goodbye, but Beach Blvd Pet Hospital is here to make this journey a bit easier. We understand that your pet is family, and their comfort and dignity are our top priorities.

Why Choose Beach Boulevard Pet Hospital

Selecting Beach Blvd Pet Hospital is choosing a partner who understands, cares, and genuinely empathizes with the profound bond between pet owners and their cherished companions. Our commitment to providing outstanding euthanasia services stems from a deep understanding that your pet is more than just an animal; they are a beloved member of your family.

Our dedicated team comprehends the emotional complexities of these moments, and our care extends beyond the clinical. We are here to provide unwavering support, ensuring that your pet’s farewell is marked by the utmost comfort and respect. With Beach Boulevard Pet Hospital, you can trust that every step is taken with the care and sensitivity that such a momentous occasion deserves.