Pet Digital X-Ray/Ultrasound

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Elevate your pet’s health with advanced digital X-ray and ultrasound services in Huntington Beach, CA at Beach Blvd Pet Hospital.

Pet Digital X-Ray/Ultrasound in Huntington Beach, CA

At Beach Blvd Pet Hospital, we embrace the latest in diagnostic technology, through digital X-ray and ultrasound services.

How Our Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound Benefit Your Pet

  • Precise Diagnoses: Our onsite digital X-ray system delves deep into the body to generate internal images of joints, bone and organs. Digital x-rays also assist in finding problems including constipation, arthritis, foreign bodies, fluid accumulation, masses, kidney and bladder stones and more.
  • Advanced Imaging: Our in-house ultrasound unit is invaluable for collecting sterile urine samples, evaluating for abnormal fluid accumulation in the body and large internal masses.
  • Expert Collaborators: We collaborate with board-certified veterinarians including radiologists for abdominal ultrasound scans and x-ray evaluations, cardiologists for heart evaluations and echocardiograms and surgeons skilled in intricate soft tissue and bone procedures.
  • Seamless Coordination: When your pet requires the expertise of these specialists, we make it easy, organizing their visits to our hospital to ensure your pet receives the finest care.
  • Early Detection: Hidden disorders are unveiled, allowing for early intervention and treatment.
  • Non-Invasive: Digital X-rays and ultrasound provide comprehensive insights without discomfort.
  • Comprehensive Care: We combine digital x-rays and ultrasound scans for an optimum diagnostic approach. Sometimes specialized tests are further recommended based on these results.
  • Prompt Attention: Consultations with an array of specialists help to diagnose illnesses and help us make the best treatment plan possible for your pet.