Clinic Tour

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Step inside Beach Boulevard Pet Hospital with our virtual tour. Discover our commitment to exceptional pet care through advanced facilities.

Virtual Clinic Tour

Cat Kona
“Hello, my name is Kona. I am the mascot here at Beach Boulevard Pet Hospital. I ensure that your pet is treated with love by all of our staff members. Let me show you around.”
Beach Blvd Pet Hospital building

“This is what our hospital looks like on the outside. We are located on Beach Boulevard next to the Chipotle restaurant.”

Cat walking on paw printed path

“There are footprints on the ground that will lead you straight to the door when you get here. Follow me!” 

David and Amanda with a cat
“David and Amanda are technicians here at the hospital; Maui is in training to take over my position as the hospital mascot.”
Cat in examination room
“Here we are in exam room 1. You will meet Dr. Lizardo or Dr. Hashimoto. They will give you a thorough exam. They will open your mouth, listen to your heart, and put their hands all over your body. No need to be scared; your companion will be with you.”
Cat sitting in laboratory room

“Mochi is supervising here in our lab. The lab machines need to be maintained and hair free.”

Miranda and David microchipping dog Ruby

“Here we are in the treatment area. Amanda and Elena are scaning Pepper for a microchip to ensure she’s safe should she ever get lost!”

Cat inside a kennel

“Here is one of the kennels. They’re always kept clean with a blanket to make you comfortable.”

Cat inside surgery room
“This is our surgery room. This is where the veterinarians might perform surgery on you if you are wounded or need to be ‘fixed’ or repaired in some way.”
Elena and David in x-ray room with cat

“Thomas is still snoozing after surgery. The technicians are monitoring him and keeping him warm and comfy.”

Elena and David in x-ray room with cat

“This is Elena and Amanda in our x-ray room streching out Mochi to take a picture of his insides.”

David and Miranda vaccinating a dog

“Amanda and Elena are giving Pepper a vaccine. Don’t worry, it s very quick and they give you treats afterwards!”

A cat standing on a file cabinet

” This is Oscar and Amanda using our in house ultrasound to draw urine from a pet for a urinalysis.”

A cat standing on a file cabinet

“Here are Araceli and “Lucy” sporting their glasses after “Lucys” laser therapy. It feels GREAT!”

A cat standing on a file cabinet

“Dr. Lizardo is listening to Thomas’ heart. He makes all of his patients feel at ease.”

A yawning cat

“This is Emma and Aracelli drawing blood to run lab work on a patient to ensure it is safe for her to go under anesthsia.”

A yawning cat

“Our Maui will be following up with all of patients. Please let him know if any of you need anything.”