Dental Release Form

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Fill out the dental release form at Beach Blvd Pet Hospital to support your pet’s oral health. Authorize treatment and comprehend procedure details.

Dental Release Form

Please complete this form accurately and thoroughly to ensure the best care for your pet. Your pet’s health is our top priority.

Dental Cleaning Release Form

I, the undersigned owner or authorized agent of the admitted patient, authorize Beach Blvd Pet Hospital (its veterinarians and staff) to administer such anesthetics, drugs and treatment both standard, and in an emergency, while performing the above-mentioned procedure(s). Further, I understand why such diagnostics, medical and/or surgical procedures, are recommended. The advantages and possible complications, as well as possible alternative mode of treatment have been explained to me. I understand that no guarantee of successful treatment is either made, or implied. I understand that it is the hospital’s policy that ALL CHARGES ARE DUE AND PAYABLE UPON MY PET’S RELEASE, unless prior arrangements have been made with the veterinarian(s).

In the best interest and best care of your pet, a pre-anesthetic blood panel (cost of $99.00) will be performed prior to surgery to make sure proceeding with the anesthesia will be safe.

Although we perform an oral examination prior to a dental cleaning, we cannot always anticipate extractions or dental disease until the animal is fully under anesthesia and the teeth are cleaned. We will make every attempt to call you if extractions are necessary, however, if we cannot reach you at the time of the procedure,

Extractions are an additional cost.  A pain injection will be administered after the extraction(s) (at an additional cost of $40-$180.00) and probable oral medications to go home.

With any tooth extraction, a long-acting (2 week) antibiotic Injection will be given at an addition cost of $62 on up.

We apply anti-plaque sealant after your pets’ dental cleaning.  The sealant will decrease the amount of plaque accumulation for up to two weeks, then at-home care can be started.