Boarding Release Form

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Ensure your pet’s safe and comfortable stay with our boarding release form. Streamline the process for a worry-free boarding experience.

Boarding Release Form

“Please complete this form accurately and thoroughly to ensure the best care for your pet during boarding. Your pet’s health and comfort are our top priority.”

Boarding Release Form

Boarding Dates

Current Vaccines and Fecal Test Due

There will be an additional charge for bathing during boarding.
There will be an additional charge for examining your pet during boarding.

Requirements for Boarding

1. All animals must be current on all vaccinations.
2. All animals must be free of external parasites (ex. ticks, fleas, etc.), or they will be treated at owner's expense.
3. Beach Boulevard Pet Hospital has my permission to do whatever is necessary should an emergency arise.
4. If a tranquilizer is necessary for treatment or handling, Beach Boulevard Pet Hospital has my permission to
administer such medication.
5. Beach Blvd Pet Hospital is not responsible for any items left with your pet for boarding such as toys, blankets,
beds, food, collars and leashes etc.
6. Although we do everything we can to prevent the transmission of infectious Trachea Bronchitis, we can not
guarantee that your pet(s) will not be exposed during their stay.
7. Beach Blvd Pet Hospital requires a Credit Card to be kept on file for payment for your pet's deposit, emergency
services and any balances due for boarding or veterinary services.